Hear From Our Founder:

"I created Pawlific to give back to my furry family members after everything they’ve given me. Pawlific was born with the intention of creating the best quality supplements possible to help increase happiness and maximize pup-owners’ ability to spend as many active and happy years together as possible."

- Francesca Witte

Since the day I was born, I have always had a dog that I loved and that loved me back. At every stage of my life there has been a dog, by my side, making each chapter extra special.

As a child, our family dog, Rocky, was my playmate, my friend, companion, and protector. As an adult, my dogs Babushka and Bambino have been my therapists, my adventure partners, and spiritual teachers. Through our multiple moves (3 countries and 7 different cities) and job changes, my family dogs have been my stress relievers and a source of stability. Through surgeries and childbirth, my dogs have helped my body recover faster. During family vacations and outdoor adventures, they have made the experiences even more memorable and epic and every day of my life they keep me fit and active. There is absolutely no doubt my dogs have been huge contributors to me and my family’s overall health, bliss, and wellbeing. We feel so unbelievably blessed and thankful to have our puppies in our lives, and we know that we are not the only ones who feel this way. Because our dogs do some much to keep us active and healthy, we wanted to create products that did the same for them.

Pawlific was born to provide supplements that help keep pups in top shape so that they can fetch more balls, hike more mountains, spend more time at the beach, and participate in more family adventure. Pawlific’s goal is to create supplements that enhance the things that you already do to help all the members of your family thrive so that you can spend many active and happy years together.